eCity Technology for commercial electric vehicles

eCity Technology


An electric motor always drives the rear wheels, the high voltage battery is supported by a range-extender. This is an on-board generator (a small 1.5 litre petrol engine) that recharges the battery when required, and provides greater usability and flexibility than pure electric operation.

The rear wheels are always driven by the electric Drive Motor, and the motor in turn is powered by a 31kWh Drive Battery.

Running only on electric power on a typical driving pattern, TX and VN5 have a pure electric range equivalent to many of today’s BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles).

But in addition, they come equipped with a small petrol generator - commonly known as a Range-Extender - whose only function is to trickle-charge the battery to maintain its current state of charge, thus providing substantial additional range.

Three intuitive drive modes


Pure EV mode disables the range-extender, using only electric power. 

This consumes no petrol and produces no emissions – a very effective option for inner-city driving. 

If your battery becomes depleted, an indicator will advise you to select a different driving mode. This mode is only available when the battery has sufficient charge.



Smart mode is the default operating mode which operates the vehicle in the most efficient way by depleting the battery as much as possible before engaging the range-extender.

In this mode the vehicle intuitively activities the range-extender as the battery charge decreases. 

It is particularly useful for longer inter-city journeys, driving at higher speeds where pure-electric propulsion is less efficient.


Save mode. In this mode the vehicle only uses the range-extender to conserve the battery’s charge at its current level, for use at a later time.

By using ‘Save’ mode, drivers with a commute to the city could reserve their battery energy for emission-free driving in the city.


TX Electric Taxi Fuel saving

Kinder to your wallet and the environment 

As a fuel, electricity is significantly cheaper than diesel or petrol, which means driving your electric vehicle is.

Drivers of our previous model could achieve a typical fuel saving of approximately £110 per week, which equates to a total fuel cost saving of approximately £27,000 over a 5-year period.

See what savings you could make using our interactive running cost comparison tool.

Compare Running Costs

TX Drivers tell us about their fuel savings

"even I was shocked to find my fuel costs have fallen from 23p per mile (TX4 Euro6) to 8.31p per mile (in the TX3). Meaning a saving on 10,000 miles would be a massive £1469.00...I couldn't be happier"

"Best cab there is, saving a fortune and not doing extra hours to do it."

"First week shift finished...last weeks fuel bill was £165 this week it’s £50 (£22.00 electric £28.00 petrol) saved £115"

Lower servicing, maintenance & repair costs 

Our electric vehicles help you maximise business potential by minimising time off the road needed for scheduled servicing.

Thanks to a fully electric drivetrain with back-up petrol range-extender, the routine maintenance costs of TX or VN5 are significantly lower than that of a traditional internal-combustion engine vehicle.

Both boast recommended service intervals of an impressive 25,000 miles - market leading for a commercial electric vehicle.

Regenerative braking - giving you free energy

To further maximise the range offered by driving on electrical power, TX and VN5 utilise regenerative coasting and braking. The braking system harnesses energy that would usually be lost while slowing down, and uses it to recharge the drive battery. This increases efficiency and reduces wear on braking components.

Cleaner, greener electric vehicles

Both TX and VN5 meet increasingly demanding legislation aimed at reducing pollution and improving air quality in cities; as well as appealing to the general public thanks to their environmentally-friendly credentials.

TX & VN5 enable you to continue working in cities under tighter regulations, qualify for national or local subsidies and in turn benefit from fuel savings, tax discounts and other local incentives, such as use of bus lanes or free parking.




Compare running costs

By maximising the range offered driving on battery electrical energy drivers of our previous model could achieve a typical fuel saving of approx. £110/week. Compare the running costs of TX against those of your current taxi.

Compare TX running costs

Advanced drive battery

Tested over a million miles & back up by an industry-leading warranty, the lithium-ion drive battery in TX has been built to last the life of the taxi.

Learn more about the battery

*Pure EV range of 60.9.5 miles / 98 km, official EAER (Equivalent All Electric Range) figure, achieved under WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) test conditions.

**Pure EV range of 62.5 miles / 101 km, official EAER figure, achieved under WLTP test conditions.