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1. Is it true I can save up to £110 per week by switching to the new electric taxi?


Yes! We’ve estimated that professional taxi drivers in London can typically save around £110 a week by upgrading to the new TX. But how have we worked out this seemingly far-fetched figure that could save you up to £24,155 over five years.

Let’s say you drive 120 miles per day, five days a week. And let’s also say you’ve found an especially good deal at the pumps and you’re paying 117.7p per litre of diesel. Based on our previous model, the TX4 LE Euro 6, which delivered official fuel economy of 33 mpg (though this tended to be closer to 23mpg in real-world conditions), you can expect a weekly fuel bill of £139.

With the new TX, you’ll be able to recharge the battery overnight and leave fully charged each morning. At the national average electricity price of 12p per kWh, this would cost you about £13.95 per week. And if you’re on an economy 7 tariff, that cost could be even lower.

We’ve also assumed, as is the case for most drivers of electric vehicles, you’ll take advantage of the charging infrastructure whilst you’re out and about, topping up the battery for about 20 minutes each day. If you visit a ‘Fast’ charging point, you can expect an average cost of about 21p per kWh, and you’ll be able to replenish roughly 70% of the battery in that time. Fuel cost wise, that adds around £17 per week, taking us to a total of £37 so far. Topping up on a rapid charger takes less time but can cost a few pence more per kWh.

So, when adjusted for real-world conditions, a full charge will take you approximately 64 miles on pure electrical energy. With a full charge overnight and a partial top-up during the day, you’ll be able to cover over 100 emissions-free miles. And thanks to the flexible eCity drivetrain, the remainder can be covered using the petrol range-extender, without the need to stop again to recharge.

That means you would be able to travel up to 533 miles per week on pure electric energy, leaving only 67 miles of your 600-total to be covered by the petrol range extender. And as the range-extender isn’t powering the drivetrain, not only should you still be able to achieve the officially stated fuel consumption of 36.7 mpg, you’ll spend less than £10 per week based on the stated average costs of petrol.

So, with all the variables considered, we estimate a total weekly fuel bill of £41, compared to £139 in the previous model. And that could save you as much as £98 per week.

2. Is the TX affordable?


Electricity is considerably cheaper than diesel, so drivers can expect to save up to £110 per week on fuel costs by adopting new, electric eCity technology. The PCP finance deal for the TX ensures an affordable weekly payment, with no separate battery lease, and a comprehensive warranty package provides peace of mind. To see how much you could potentially save on fuel, compare the cost of running your current taxi to the cost of running a TX here.

3. The price of the new TX seems high, how can drivers afford it?


When you buy a new TX, you also benefit from a comprehensive three-year/120,000-mile warranty and a separate unlimited mileage, five-year warranty for the battery (which is class leading).

Don’t forget the investment cost is offset by reduced running costs.

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4. Are there any subsidies available?


In London, TfL are implementing a de-commissioning grant for taxis between 10 and 15 years old. Owners of these taxis can receive up to £9,000 off the price of the new electric taxi. This is in addition to the £7,500 plug-in taxi included within the advertised On the Road price. Learn more about the incentives and grants which have been made available to support the TX here.

5. How much is road tax for the new TX?


Road tax for TX is £140 per year.

Thanks to lobbying from LEVC and the LTDA we were able to bring about a change to the rules around VED. On the 6th March 2018 TX received a boost to go green when a tax exemption for electrically driven taxis came into force. The exemption, worth £1,550 to cabbies, applies to new cabs purchased from April 2018 onwards. Naturally we will be supporting the drivers who miss out on the changes.

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6. How much will it cost to maintain?


The motor which propels TX has very few serviceable parts and the range-extender only operates as necessary. This means there is far less mechanical wear, allowing us to extend the service intervals compared to a traditional diesel engine and therefore reduce the cost.

Our Aftersales partner Unipart will continue to supply spare parts, with 7,000 references provided in an easy to use catalogue. The LEVC approved service network are provided with the necessary training, tools and technical documentation to ensure a professional and efficient service, with a quick turnaround and minimal downtime.

7. Will TX cost me more to run?


An electric powertrain means far lower fuel costs than previous taxi models. Electricity is considerably cheaper than diesel, so drivers can expect to save approximately £110 per week on fuel costs by adopting new, electric eCity technology. At the same time, fewer moving parts and innovative regenerative braking mean less wear and tear. You also benefit by much greater service intervals – just every 25,000 miles.

8. Do the option packs depreciate in value?


Yes they do. Just as the vehicle itself does, the packs and the features within them also depreciate in value over time. Our residual value forecasting is supplied by CAP HPI, the market leading data business for the automotive industry.

9. Can I insure TX & how much is the premium?


Absolutely. There are several Brokers who are ready to arrange cover for the new TX without significant changes to your premium rating, such as Plan Insurance, Quotax, Cabsurance and Patons Insurance. Some Brokers advise that if you already drive a newer TX4 or Vito, you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference and anticipate the difference between insuring TX will be approximately 5-10%. If you currently drive an older model, such as a TX2, there will be a small increase due to the higher vehicle value.

10. Why are some features/items standard and others are optional?


Many different factors play a part in configuring the specification of a vehicle. However, where we feel a feature offers universal value to all customers, this would typically be offered as part of the standard specification. Where this value is likely to be perceived by only some customers, we feel it is more appropriate to offer this equipment as an optional extra, particularly where the cost of inclusion is significant. A good example of this is the home-charging wall box, which adds no value to customers without off-street parking, but which as an optional represents great value for customers who do.

11. Can I purchase TX from a dealer outside of London & still get it licensed in the capital?


Yes, you can. All TXs can get licensed in London no matter which UK dealer they have been bought from. However, no diesel taxis are allowed back in to London.

12. Where can I learn more about the new TfL taxi age limits coming into effect 1 Nov 2019?


The new TfL age limit regulations come into effect on 1 November 2019. TfL have developed a repository of useful information to help drivers with their questions. Further information can be found on the links below:

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13. When is the first MOT due on a new TX?


On a brand new TX the first MOT is due after 12 months and then every 6 months thereafter.

14. If I only wanted to operate TX using the range-extender, would this invalidate the warranty?


No, you're free to operate the vehicle as you wish. Naturally, we wouldn't recommend this; it would completely negate the economic and environmental benefits of driving using electrical energy.

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