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If operating in Pure EV mode, when the range reaches zero will TX automatically switch to a different drive mode to engage the range-extender?


When operating in Smart mode TX will automatically activate the range-extender before the range reaches zero. In Pure EV it will not, instead the vehicle will prompt the driver to change drive mode before the range reaches zero and then limit the power delivery. If these prompts are ignored the vehicle will ultimately stop. When the range reaches zero, in order to get the taxi started again the driver will need to select a different drive mode.

Is it possible to download or add “apps” to the console in the TX, such as the Zap Map charge point locator?


Third party apps from the App Store or Google Store aren't compatible with the console. However there is ample space on the accessory bar to attach a tablet and/or mobile phone which could run the Zap-Map.

Can I fit a dash cam to my TX?


Yes definitely. To facilitate fitment of aftermarket accessories such as dash board cameras TX comes with a dedicated wiring harness which is compatible with most versions. The Vision Track VT1000 is approved by TfL for use in the TX Vista model taxi.

What card payment readers are approved to use in TX?


We're constantly working with providers to give drive the greatest choice possible. For a list of card payment providers approved by TfL for use in the electric taxi please click below.

View Approved Card Readers

Has TX got air conditioning in the driver and passenger compartments as standard?


Yes both compartments have independent climate control with powerful, automatic digital air conditioning and heating.

Why is the petrol range-extender fitted with a turbo?


The turbo helps improve the efficiency and durability of the engine.

Is it true the petrol range-extender is governed by a sensor that if you went in to certain places in London they will be able to stop it from working until you're out of that area?


Unlike other European cities we're working with, there is currently no geo-fencing requirement in London. However if TfL were to introduce this requirement, we have a supplier in place who we'll work with to fit the necessary on-board software.

I sometimes hear the fan on when the engine is off or whilst on charge, is this normal?


Just as in diesel or petrol vehicles with traditional combustion engines, it's normal for the fan to run for a short while after the vehicle has shut down. Since the engine has stopped running it no longer circulates water to cool it down, therefore the fan kicks in to cool the necessary components - you'd definitely expect to hear in during the warmer summer months. It's also worth noting that TX will also run the fans as required while plugged in to charge, for the same reason.

Does the odometer on the display show a total distance travelled on electric & petrol, if so can they be shown separately?


Currently the odometer shows a combination of the distance travelled on electric and petrol. We aim to be very transparent with our new vehicle and we're continually looking for ways to share more information with drivers, which is why we're looking at how to separate this date in the future.

If the card payment system in the rear stays on overnight, won’t this drain the vehicle battery?


We've worked closely with all of the approved card payment providers and supplied installation instructions which allow their units to automatically turn off an hour after the vehicle has stopped. All card payment systems can also be wired so the reader in the passenger compartment always stays on. Systems such as Verifone use their own battery which does not interfere with the electrics of the cab; there have been no instances where it has been confirmed that the unit drains the vehicle battery. If a card payment system is wired to always stay on, for extra piece of mind - and to minimise the risk of theft - drivers can quickly and easily remove the unit at the end of their shift.

If I left my TX unused for a week will it still start?


Yes that isn't a problem, just like any other vehicle TX relies on a 12V battery to start the system.

Is TX classed as a Zero Emission Capable vehicle?


TfL classify a zero emissions capable taxi as one with an official combined CO2 output of less than 50g, which can travel at least 30 miles on electric only. TX comfortably exceeds these requirements with 29g/km and 80.6 miles on the NEDC combined cycle. Visit TfL for more information

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