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Frequently Asked Questions

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New technology can be intimidating; the fear of the unknown and the sheer volume of misinformation propagated over social media and the wider internet can lead to some pretty extreme beliefs. We put some of the most common questions to our panel of experts to set the record straight.


What will it cost to run?

How much is road tax?

What grants are available?

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Will I need to replace it?

What about potential theft?

Does it emit radiation?

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How quickly can I charge? 

How much will it cost?

Is there a charge point near my home?

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How can I get the best battery range?

What is a range-extender?

How does it all work?

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What card readers can I use in TX?

Can I install Apps to the touchscreen?

Why does the range-extender have a turbo?

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Why is it your safest taxi ever?

How does it protect drivers?

How does it protect passengers?

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What tests have been done?

How can you guarantee they're right?

What parts have been used?

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Does TX still meet the needs of cities?

What about for hire taxi light?

Are the any accessories available?

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How to I connect my phone to Bluetooth?

What seat material options are available?

What convenience features are available?

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If you still have a question, or you'd like to find out more about the electric taxi tweet @AskLEVC or contact your local TX dealer.

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