Safety as standard

Private Public Transport

Protecting driver and passengers alike

Our vehicles have been trusted to transport passengers safely for over 100 years and we’ve always made it our business to move with the times. So as you’d expect, our approach to Covid19 is carefully considered too.

When you choose the privacy of a black cab you can sit back and relax, knowing that a range of built-in features and the drivers’ 5 Point Pledge, have been designed to get you from A to B as comfortably and safely as possible in these unprecedented times.

Protection Screen

An integral feature, standard in all black cabs, the central protection screen creates separation between driver and passengers, improving privacy, safety and peace of mind for drivers and passengers for more than half a century.

It’s factory-fitted, not retro-fitted, to the very highest standards. No other partition can claim Whole Vehicle Type Approval (for environmental, safety and security standards)

Building on the benefits provided by our unique protection screen, we have introduced a Protection Screen Seal Kit.

Quick and simple to install, it further reduces the flow of air between the front and rear compartments by eliminating the air gap around the perimeter of the screen and at the payment tray.

In the current environment, the benefits of the protection screen are more relevant than ever before:

1. Prevents passengers or driver from reaching out and touching each other - whether unconscious habit or with malicious intent

2. Provides a physical barrier, removing any direct transfer path between driver and passengers - just like a protective face-shield would

3. Significantly reduces the flow of air between the driver and passenger compartments

4. Provides passengers with a positive reason to use a Taxi versus other public transport alternatives during the current pandemic

Personal Space, Personal Service

Enjoy your own separate, spacious cabin. Travelling by black cab maximises the distance between passenger and driver for premium comfort, and peace-of-mind.

Personal Comfort

Our latest TX electric taxi, benefits from independent passenger and driver ventilation systems, with rear touch screen controls. It also features an intercom which maintains conversation with the driver through the protection screen.

Contactless payment

So you can avoid the need to use cash, helping to maintain social distancing.


TX Drivers’ 5 Point Pledge

We have worked swiftly and followed the appropriate guidelines to make your journey as safe as possible. Our drivers’ pledge is part of that commitment.

1. I will wear a face covering when necessary

2. I will encourage passengers to pay by card

3. I will request passengers occupy the seats furthest away from myself where possible

4. I will wipe down passenger contact areas at the end of every journey – and at the end of each shift

5. I will refrain from working if myself, or any of my household have Covid19 symptoms and follow government guidance on self-isolation

Your private carriage awaits

We look forward to helping you on your journeys, just as we have for the last 100 years.

There are a number of free to download Black Cab hailing apps, which will let you order a black cab to collect you from your home, and take you to your desired destination in comfort and safety.

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