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TX driver passenger comfort

1. Are there different material options for the driver seat, and if so when will they be available?


Yes, we We call it vinyl, we don't pretend it's leather like Merc do! It's not currently planned but we are monitoring customer interest. The Taxi cloth has been developed as a more breathable material with excellent durability characteristics.

2. How do I pair my phone with TX via Bluetooth & enable the messaging function?


It’s easy to enable the messaging function in your TX. Simply, pair your device with your vehicle ('My Taxi') via Bluetooth in the normal way. Make sure that 'Messages' in the list of displayed options is ticked. Your phone may prompt you to allow access to your text messages or you can enable this setting in the ‘My Taxi’ Bluetooth connection settings. One paired, switch off your ignition. When you re-start your taxi, the phone will reconnect and the new Bluetooth setting set will take effect.

Now, you will be notified when you receive a new message and TX can read it to you at the tap of button. You can also access existing messages and listen to them again. What is more, this function allows you to send message to a contact or reply to a message when the vehicle is stationary and it is safe to do so.

3. How often should you have the aircon regassed?


Air-conditioning refrigerant isn’t a service item; if used regularly (to ensure the seals are kept lubricated) the air-con should maintain pressure for many years. If you have noticed a deterioration in air-conditioning performance, we suggest you contact your LEVC dealer who will be able to investigate if there is an issue with any of the components in the heating and ventilation system.

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